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ATS women wearing saris
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Author:  sfpenny1925 [ Wed Dec 20, 2006 18:54 pm ]
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Thanks RAF Erk, it is a very interesting avenue of the Indian Army and indeed for TFSS, it is important that it be researched to enable more portrayals to be developed :D

Concerning the uniform shade, I see what you mean, though I think that is down to the shading effects of the photograph.
If anything, the length of the tunic is interesting, almost like a frock coat.

And the pocket square is just class... 8)

Author:  SteveCobden [ Thu Dec 21, 2006 10:54 am ]
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Everhard wrote:
(Click this link if the picture is not displayed above)

The Indian girl's uniform looks lighter. Was there a colour difference by design or was it just random variation in shade? (WRNS uniforms were black, I believe.)

Interesting pic; never seen WRINS blues before. I'd imagine they would be navy blue, like the WRNS (I think black Wrens uniform is a postwar thing for ratings, but I may be wrong). I wonder why the Indian girl has notched lapels but the European/Anglo-Indian has peaked?As far as I know there is no Hindu ban and peaked lapels! Curious!

Author:  Everhard [ Fri Dec 22, 2006 21:50 pm ]
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My copy of World War II Allied Women's Services has a color drawing of a WRCNS (Canadian Wren). The color is a medium blue. The collar is like the uniform on the right in the photo above, however, and the pockets have flaps. Some care has gone into these drawings (which show WRNS uniforms as nearly black, incidentally), so it seems likely to me at least possible that commonwealth/whadyacall'em nations women's naval services used a lighter color.

However, the WRCNS uniform is so much lighter, the difference would be more noticable than even the black-and-white photo above suggests. I would plump for it just being a lighter shade of 'navy blue'. That could result from manufacturer variation and/or repeated washing, I imagine.

Incidentally, the many photos the book I mentioned; World War II Allied Women's Services by Martin Brayley, illustrated by Ramiro Bujeiro (Osprey, Oxford, 2001 -- ISBN 1 84176 053 6) include (as well as drawings) the one of the WAC(I)s in sfpenny1925's post.

Author:  diggerdave [ Wed Feb 21, 2007 12:12 pm ]
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Id is other half's been borrowed.
I did a WAC(India) officer impression last year,(based on a remote relative) It is fairly easy to do except for the cost of the badging...skyhigh.. if you can find them.
Dont confuse the scarf (pashmina) with a full sari which is different having three seperate parts.
The scarf is functional..it is to cover the head when required for religious purpose or when talking to a man ( if nec)
Officers wore private purchase and were mainly anglo-indian.
The footwear is also a bit difficult , depending on theatre, but you can get these made. I opted the combination suede and goat leather boots for desert use. and the white canvas ones. I never found a webbing sam browne though , still looking.
It must be careful to avoid any bovine leathers, again because of religious reasons
I can answer any particular questions if required;

Author:  sfpenny1925 [ Wed Feb 21, 2007 15:20 pm ]
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Hi Jude,

TFSS do WAC(I) (for evening portrayals) and SEAC ATS during the day, if you were interested?

I have recently acquired WAC(I) insignia so I am very very happy...just a little less rich! When I get them, I will scan and put them on here as I hadn't seen them until I saw the ones to purchase.

:D :D :D

I have recently acquired the book about the WAS(B) and I thought that people may be interested in the kit list that is referred to in the book;

Bag - with shoulder sling 1
Shoes, black - (no toe cap) 2 pairs
Boots, Gum 1
Caps, Forage 1
Uniform Dress (Khaki) 4
Slacks (Khaki Drill), no turn ups 3 pairs (minimum)
Bush Shirts (Khaki) Cellular 3
(b) Jersey, Cardigan 1
Socks, Ankle 4
Aprons, Khaki Drill 4
(a) Greatcoat 1
(b) Mackintosh 1
(b) Blackets Barrack 2
(b) Sheets 2 pairs
(b) Pillow cases 2
(b) Pillow 1
(b) Mosquito Net 1
(b) Valise with Straps 1
(b) towels 2
(b) Kit bag 1
Holdall (containing Knife, Fork and Spoon)
(b) Enamel Mug 1
(b) Enamel Plate 1
Torch 1
(b) Bottle, water 1
(b) Brace without buckle 1
(b) Carriers, water bottle 1
(b) haversack, O.S. 1
(b) Bucket, canvas 1
(b) Ground Sheet 1
(b) Bedstead, Camp, Portable and Bag 1
(b) Washing Stand, Collapsible with Canvas Basin, Bath and Bag 1
(b) Camp Chair 1
Camp Mirror 1

(a) Greatcoats will be issued free to all personnel if serving in places where the climate in the opinion of the local Military Commander necessitates their use. They will be returned to Government on discharge.
(b) Free issue from Ordnance.

Senior Commander, ranks as Major Rs 380/-pm
Junior Commander, ranks as Captain Rs 220/-pm
Subaltern, ranks as Lieutenant Rs 175/-pm
2nd Subaltern ranks as 2nd Lieutenant Rs 150/-pm
Sergeant Rs 120/-pm
Corporal, L/Corporal and Private Rs 100/-pm

Accommodation as available, rations and messing service will be provided free of charge.
Uniform and Clothing -
(a) Initial uniform allowance Officers Rs200; Auxiliaries Rs140
(b) Winter Clothing for offficers and auxiliaries when authorised Rs40
(c) Upkeep allowanace Annual allowance for replacement of uniform Rs80 pa; Cleaning and reapirs allowance for auxiliaries only Rs10 pm
(d) Free issue of certain items of clothing and equipment as laid down in the authorised scales.

Leave may be granted subject to the exigencies of the service, war leave may be granted up to a maximum of 28 days in any one year. Should the husband return to India from services overseas or from a theatre of operations in India further leave up to a maximum of 28 days may be granted.

'Chinthe Women' pg. 28

Author:  sfpenny1925 [ Mon Apr 16, 2007 15:25 pm ]
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Just wanted to say something about that WRINS uniform, I think it is down to tailor and origin of the material. It being most likely made in India, this may be due to why it is a different colour to the WRNS uniform?


Author:  Deborah Foreman [ Mon Apr 16, 2007 16:58 pm ]
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I dont think they used serge out there for the same reason there was a lighter and cooler tropical uniform when abroad.

Author:  sfpenny1925 [ Mon Apr 16, 2007 17:07 pm ]
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Yes, but they did make Serge uniforms out in India.

For example, Indian Army officers would often get their uniforms tailored in Indian cities. As can be seen in many labels in Tunics etc.

Also, even if it was made in Britain different tailors didn't always have the exact same material.


Author:  Deborah Foreman [ Mon Apr 16, 2007 17:34 pm ]
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Yes I know, but I was told for the practicality of the uniform, serge wasnt always used.. so perhaps for their summer uniforms... it was a different material.. hence different colour... ?? Although from the pic.. its difficult to say whether it is serge or isnt...

Author:  sfpenny1925 [ Mon Apr 16, 2007 17:46 pm ]
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Sorry, I dont really know what you mean. Do you mean Tropical uniforms? Remember, the original caption with this photograph. It was taken in Britain 1945.

"and a wonderful one of Chief Officer Margaret L Cooper, Deputy Director of the Women’s Royal Indian Naval Service (WRINS), with Second Officer Kalyani Sen, WRINS. In Britain in 1945. "

I didn't see that the woman on the right is infact WRIN also. Thats most interesting, I wonder if there were other Caucasian women in WRIN as well. It may have had the same set up as the WAC (I). Didn't Mr Penver say that they branched off from the WAC (I)?


Author:  naaficook [ Mon Apr 16, 2007 18:03 pm ]
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I've done some digging in my collection and here are some examples of WAC(I) insignia.

SHOULDER TITLE (With exeptional large brackets, seen on sale at Ebay)

From my own collection : shoulder-titles, capbadges and slip-on-titles. Top right example is a reproduction.

Slip-on titles, Major

Top left is again a reproduction. It is thicker than the originals and has a modern brouche-closier. The bottom-left badge is original, but at a later stage the lugs have been grinded off and a pin has been soldered on.
The bottom right badge is original too, has been blackened and has the word "india" open.
The two shouldertitles are original too, the top one has been blackened too and the lower one has the "I" from "WAC(I)" accidently marked as a "1"(=one).


Nice grouping of WAC(I) volenteers. It looks like that the Colonel in the middle needs a new and LARGER hat. Some girls wear the sand-coloured ATS-model hat.

Author:  sfpenny1925 [ Mon Apr 16, 2007 18:06 pm ]
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Thanks for that Naafi Cook, they are wonderful!

I should be getting my WAC (I) Uniform - complete with insignia through soon! :D The tunic fits as well as the skirt. :D

You seem to have alot on the WAC (I) and TANS...would you mind if I PM you?

Author:  naaficook [ Mon Apr 16, 2007 18:14 pm ]
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You're welcome !

Author:  naaficook [ Mon Apr 16, 2007 18:22 pm ]
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I forgot to add the black WAC(I) lanyard.......


In a few days time I will also add a few snaps of WAC(I) uniforms.

Author:  sfpenny1925 [ Tue Apr 24, 2007 12:12 pm ]
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Any word on that Uniform NAAFICOOK?

Author:  naaficook [ Tue Apr 24, 2007 20:20 pm ]
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Sorry, no additional info tonight, lack of time.........
I will add some more tomorrow if I got time.

OFFICERS KD-TUNIC (wool material like the US WAC-summer uniform, not cotton !)





And a snapshot of a KD-cotton dress :


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