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Capt. Brian Stonehouse, SOE, in KZ Dachau
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Author:  schultze [ Fri Mar 14, 2008 17:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Capt. Brian Stonehouse, SOE, in KZ Dachau

I was in Dachau Memorial Site the other day and spotted a very elderly gentleman, being followed around by a TV crew. I got chatting to the old boy a bit later. Turns out that his brother was in F section and had been captured in France after transmitting for 6 hours non-stop. Whilst in various camps and prisons (eg Natzweiler) he managed to endear himself by painting and sketching various SS Officers. In Dachau he drew and painted his fellow prisoners. (If caught, a capital offence) Capt Stonehouse survived the war and went to testify at Nuremburg. He died about ten years ago, a good friend of the Queen mum. (he painted her twice and one of these hangs in the Special Forces Club in London). Reason for the vist to dachau is that several of his paintings made inside the camps recently sufaced and are/have gone on display at IWM Lambeth. The TV crew were from Anglian TV. No idea when the documentary will go out but keep your eyes peeled.

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