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Dutch Commandos in Market-Garden
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Author:  arthur_szu [ Mon Aug 18, 2014 7:46 am ]
Post subject:  Dutch Commandos in Market-Garden

Hi there - I'm interested in participating of Dutch commandos who fought in Holland during Operation "Market-Garden", especially soldiers attached to Airborne Divisions. They acted as an officers, guides and interpreters.

- 12 Commandos - attached to various units of the First British Airborne Division
- 11 Commandos - attached to various units the US 82nd Airborne Division and 3 men were attached to the HQ of the First British Airborne Corps
- 5 Commandos - attached to the US 101st Airborne Division
- 5 Commandos - attached to the British 52nd Lowland Division

During my research I found photos of 2 commandos - picture was taken in Sept. 1944 in Nijmegen - description below photos:

"On the left is Kloezeman and on the right is (Bill) Knijff (...) As you can see Kloezeman is wearing an American type helmet. Because they were attached to US units, in their case the 82nd Airborne Division, they had to wear US equipment. They did but they kept their green berets and wore them in action."

source: http://gallery.commandoveterans.org

Does any body have some informations about their uniforms, equipment, weapons ? Becuase they were attached to, for example US troops, did they had to wear US uniforms and/or US weapons ? same situatin with British - did they have to wear Denison smocks and Britihs weapons ?
I found only photos in battle-dress without any weapons ...

I appreciate any help :)

Author:  Dog_Rodger [ Mon Aug 18, 2014 21:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dutch Commandos in Market-Garden


Any use matey?
These are two of the twelve Dutch Commandos attached to the 1st Airborne Division. Left to right: Mrs Ch. Tjoonk-Nengerman, Private Jef van der Meer (attached to Headquarters, 1st Airlanding Brigade), Corporal Tom Italiaander (attached to the Reconnaissance Squadron) and Miss Maartje van der Poel. The photograph was taken by Sergeant Dennis Smith of the Army Film and Photographic Unit.

(Info borrowed from the Pegasus Archive)

Point of particular interest is that the man on the right appears to be armed with a 1928A1 Thompson but the man on the left has a No.4 Lee-Enfield. I would say this means they were not solely armed or equipped with just British or American weapons or kit.

Hopefully this helps your impression!

All the best,

Forgot to add, try and get hold of the book 'Orange Blood, Silver Wings' as it covers this aspect rather well.

Author:  arthur_szu [ Sun Sep 14, 2014 9:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dutch Commandos in Market-Garden

Sorry for late answer - job :(

Thanks for your answers guys - will be looking for more photos and that book, you mentioned Matt :)

Best regards from Poland

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