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PostPosted: Wed Mar 30, 2016 16:40 pm 
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Rhodes wrote:
'women are sassy, wear trousers and cut their hair short like men,

Sassy... :lol: Must get back to my kitchen.

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Memorial ... 1996034455

Be very careful about loaning original items...also, please keep an eye out for :
*Still missing* Because some folks are devoid of an ounce of honesty or integrity.
Women's Navy Great Coat
Green floor length 1930s evening dress with sleeves set on net.
Blue and white rayon dress with peplum
Black velvet halter necked dress with silver shot thread skirt (may still have Harrods label in it) I have photos of all of these items and I know where they are in Scunthorpe, but would appreciate a nod if they come up for sale. [/color]


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PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, 2016 18:09 pm 

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This is Joanna Francis, a friend of mine.

It's true, she does have a Facebook account, and uses a mobile telephone for work purposes (she's a domestic cleaner for a lot of clients in the vicinity).

I've been to the house many times, and we often meet there to chat and socialise etc. I have to say that as far as material authenticity is concerned, her house is just about the closest approximate reconstruction I've ever seen to a generic working class terrace of 1939, and having been there so many times, I can think of no real incongruities that shatter the immediate illusion. Nearly all of her time is spent attempting to live by the precepts that the period dictates, as per housework, implements, food etc.. She has chosen a year - 1939, and of course, it's a kind of groundhog day existence. Her rationale is much the same as described in the post by Rhodes. However, I will also say that I've had a few searching conversations about her 'lifestyle' choice, and the motivation she presents is that for her it is ultimately real, not a lifestyle. There is some confusion I've always felt about that as a proposition, and it's not one that I feel I can share, and the argument I usually bring to her is that reality is something that is shared, or it's no reality at all. Anyone can believe that they are Batman or the Maharajah of Jerripur, and if I aim at presenting an impression at an event of a wartime civilian standing in line for an LDV drill practise, then is because I wish to evoke as best I can, but I don't then believe that the audience is not there, or that the sky will be full of Heinkels or Dorniers - it's acting, and it's done well or badly. I have told her this, and although I have no problem with her wanting to reject the worst aspects of our much trumped up modernity, I don't think Groundhog is the solution. One has to deal with the here and now. Having said all that, I will say that people who don't know her , and see only an article, will not be aware that she's a lovely person, and has many admirable personal qualities. She's tough, and resilient, and works hard. Just like many were, and did, back then. maybe that's part of why we like the era.

It's a funny old world.

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 12, 2016 20:28 pm 
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A great lady, and I understand her thoroughly. I however chose it as a lifestyle, but try to immerse myself into "back then" whenever doable e.g. strolling through the park around the local castle at the break of dawn or in the evening or when cycling over the fields. This age was so clean, so pure, so full of values and purpose. I am very much "stuck" in at around 1910 to 1918 and have never been happier. My depressions have very much fleeted and I am happy and healthy. I think that it would benefit everyone to at least try it! The only modern convenience that I allow myself is a personal computer. Insanity, school shootings, high suicide rates were the product of the post-war era. No thank you, 21st century! Everything was cleanly cut, there was good and evil, men were men and women women, as our Creator intended. I do not ignore it, but try to change it back to how it used to be as effectively as possible. I do not yet own a motor-carriage, but like people back in the day who could not afford those I travel by bicycle and train. Perhaps I will opt for a nice motor-cycle one day.

As a positive side effect regarding the hobby, I do not have to re-enact a person of a bygone age - I simply am myself, the only thing that I have to re-enact is the military capacity. Now I do have to wonder: Are there any other people reading this that follow a similar life philosophy?


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