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Spoon Combat Thread
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Author:  Viktor [ Tue Sep 20, 2005 14:47 pm ]
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Comrade.....The Till and Sport section Staff are counter attacking... am down to last till roll, the Gummy bears are all destoryed,will attempt to break out to Mini Van with the last of the Jerky and Chips, the last of the Soda has been to the wounded , ..... we are holding each isle, as a Fortress,....they will pay in jello for.. each isle........ the Target is destoryed, .... hand to hand spoons now deployed.......last message ....... call a Strike on final Postion next to the Childrens Clothing..... I serve the Soviet Union.... tel olga. I.khhlk...................


Author:  Kozlov [ Tue Sep 20, 2005 14:50 pm ]
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Hold till the last, Strategic Rocketry will provide you cover for your withdrawl!

Author:  Kozlov [ Tue Sep 20, 2005 14:52 pm ]
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Tupolev reconaisance aircraft have transmitted this image of the enemy weapons dump "Walmart"


Author:  Nu Pogodi [ Tue Sep 20, 2005 18:27 pm ]
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The Novya Zemlya branch I see.....

Author:  shabby [ Tue Sep 20, 2005 20:48 pm ]
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Yes spoons, man's greatest friend or a curse from the Gods?

As ever we leave it to you the viewer to decide.

Author:  Viktor [ Wed Sep 21, 2005 11:26 am ]
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Comrades, the burns to my flesh from the covering fire makes typing difficult, Target was destroyed just after the Glorious Osmk Ladies Volleyball team " Spetsnaz Squad Olga 7" broke out under a hale of captured sports equipment, the team though is lost... (next the People's Olympix team maybe down on trained GRU killers.. )This Rezident will display the Captured Spoonage as soon as he stops sticking from any smooth surface... :)
Please to note all "Emoticons" held by this Rezidency were also destoryed and /or expended in the Fighting Retreat to the Lufkin Mall and Sonic/jack in a box Axis when the" Covering fire "tuned the Piney woods and East Texas area into a Groszny state of habitation for the next 200 years....

Until resupply, this Rezidency is on manual "Emoticons"...

I Serve the Soviet Union. :tank....


Author:  Kozlov [ Wed Sep 21, 2005 14:55 pm ]
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I think Stategic Rocketry must have been watching too much State TV, their latest program "Changing Regimes" with Karol Smilyov must have been their inspiration for their choice of weaponry...

Author:  Viktor [ Wed Sep 21, 2005 17:15 pm ]
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Tak nochno Comrade :tank ... yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ,sorry I got my finger stuck on the latin letter y.. : ( .

: )

Author:  shabby [ Wed Sep 21, 2005 19:18 pm ]
Post subject: 

Can we get back to spoons sometime soon, at all.

(There is no emoticon to adequately express the testiness of this missive.)

Author:  Viktor [ Wed Sep 21, 2005 21:32 pm ]
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The sensible subject of the Soviet skill of Fighting with Spoons, shabby?, you Krazier than us..
If you thought this Nonsense thread on a Nonsense subject that was made up in years passed in the Glorious 2nd Guards KZ :tank, and later our own filling in times between Production shifts... needs to be bought back to heel, when a whole ( purely defensive ) Company of men of the 4th Guards " "Uri Geller" Female Volley ball( trained Killars) team" Olga 7 Spetsnaz detachment" gave their lives, the future Gold medals and their careers in the Olympics for examples of Stolen state secrets to be reclaimed for Mother Russia... shame on you.. you with the very lives of your comrades in your own hands , for one must realize that we must have hope for a better land, free(Under firm but firm state control of course) from fear... : )

Author:  shabby [ Wed Sep 21, 2005 21:39 pm ]
Post subject: 

Yeah... thats right, thats what I said.

Soon 2nd Guards will be no longer small agglomeration of sad hobbyists but will exist in divisional strength and you will be ECLIPSED!!!!! ECLIPSED, I SAYS!!!!

Oooh you'll get an eclipsing all right.

Author:  shabby [ Wed Sep 21, 2005 21:40 pm ]
Post subject: 

Yes, spoonfighting.

'The nonsense thread now in its sensational 10th page!'

Author:  Viktor [ Thu Sep 22, 2005 17:59 pm ]
Post subject: 

shabby wrote:
Yeah... thats right, thats what I said.

Soon 2nd Guards will be no longer small agglomeration of sad hobbyists but will exist in divisional strength and you will be ECLIPSED!!!!! ECLIPSED, I SAYS!!!!

Oooh you'll get an eclipsing all right.

But Comrade shabby :tank , we are all People's Army :tank , what Division we die in our thousands for is Nyet important ,the fact we are but fodder to Comrade Stalin's :twistedevil ... drive for world peace :tank and that his name is on our dying lips is all that is we serve Mother Russia :tank for ... :roll.
To be eclipsed is Nyet important, to Smash the Pit Vipering :twistedevil Oppressors of Mother Russia :tank is the one goal of all Brotherly People's :tank in the path to bring all under the Party's :wink protective wing and bounty of a centrally controlled( From Moscow :tank ) government :roll.
Your wish to build a counter revolutionary element to the Glorious 2nd has been noted and will be reported to" he that does not do stuff " :wink , to threaten a Fellow Defender of the Workers Paradice :tank with the "Phases of the Moon" must not cause you to waste you effort to Throw back the Githerite Invader :twistedevil, to do so is a crime ( with the stiffest penalties )against all that the Brotherly Red Army :tank section of this ( purely defensive) People's Forum :tank hold dear..

We all as Authorized Citizens :tank of this People's Forum are above such things, leave that to the Reactinary, Imperialist, Pit Vipering and Air Gangster Elements that we struggle against to bring Peace to this People's Forum :tank

Author:  Viktor [ Sun Sep 25, 2005 18:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Latest Intelligence, declassified by WPFG C

..Comrades :tank: , :angryrant: Here's the Proof that our sometimes Comrades :oops: in the Peoples Republic of China :twisted: are betraying Mother Russia :tank: to gain the Yankee :soldiers: Dollar, we must redouble our "Active Measures :tank: " to counter this threat :tank: .
The Truth of the yankee :soldiers: copy of the People's :tank: purely defensive weapon system :tank: is laid bare for all to see :? .... :wink:
... :roll: .... :angryrant: .

:| ...You will note it is an Export ( Monkey) variant even they don't want the Reactionary :twisted: Forces of world Capitalism :soldiers: and Oppression :evil: to have a full spec (Purely defensive :tank: ) Close Quarter Fighting Spoon :tank: even if it is an Obsolete pattern :oops: that is still in service in the People's Army of China :twisted:.. the trail to the Tratiors :x .. :twisted: is shortening, soon they will be bought to book :machinegun: and face the wrath of the People's :tank: ..... :roll: .. :wink: ..

For Targeting purposes the "Dry Rasta Department" is recommended , as this seems to be the Stockpiling location in all Magazines and Armouries, these areas are of course to be regarded as A Weapon of mass Destruction :twisted: and protected and dispersed to Fortress level, :? when engaged... :roll: .. :)


Author:  FLAK 88 [ Sun Sep 25, 2005 23:08 pm ]
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Is this topic a spoof or is it leading somewere?

I have heard there is a musical being thought of regarding this matter?


To be shown at the Whither SPOON chain of public houses 8)

Now who gets to lick the spoon clean?

Now may I sussgest some names as to who gets the leading parts?

Author:  Kozlov [ Sun Sep 25, 2005 23:29 pm ]
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FLAK 88 wrote:
Is this topic a spoof or is it leading somewere??

Niet! Is very serious! Only a decadent Imperialist would attempt to cast doubt upon the Motherland's most advanced weapons system!

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