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509th Parachute Infantry Battalion Bazooka Team.
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Author:  thehellrazor [ Fri Feb 20, 2004 21:26 pm ]
Post subject:  509th Parachute Infantry Battalion Bazooka Team.

509th Parachute Infantry Battalion Bazooka Team, Southern France, August 1944


Actually First Allied Airborne Association, Twinwood Airfield August 2003

Twinwood Airfield.

Author:  les hearn [ Fri Feb 20, 2004 21:34 pm ]
Post subject:  pics

when did steve maqueen join your group :lol:
greatpicture lads

Author:  GliderRider [ Fri Feb 20, 2004 22:43 pm ]
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The 509th PIB took great delight in chucking their M1 Helmets and taking to the peasant look..Only unit I know of where it was widespread, But if you look at any of the 509th they look the roughest bunch you would ever meet, but are the most decorated US parachute unit in WW2


Author:  RIFFRAFF [ Fri Feb 20, 2004 22:48 pm ]
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Yep they did wear the Basque Beret (sp) in the 509th they also wore the 3rd Zoauve(sp) badge on there right breast pocket, both were honours bestowed on them by french forces they had fought alongside.
If you look up the 509th you will find that as they spent a lot of time in isolation as an independent unit they had quite a few little quirks, and one hell of a war record.
They also carried out a lot of US airborne firsts throughout the war.


Author:  RIFFRAFF [ Fri Feb 20, 2004 23:09 pm ]
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Hi Again
Sort of officially unofficial :?

Heres a list of the 509's firsts if anyone is interested

1st US combat parachute jumpers....11/8/42

1st US infantry to arrive in England

1st US para KIA Lt. Dave Kunkle

1st Paras awarded CIB

1st Paras to spearhead an amphibious innvasion.....Anzio

1st para Medal of Honour......Cpl. Paul Huff

1st para DSC Capt. William p Moir

1st para to have a training facility named after him....Pvt. Tom Mackall

Most decorated para battalion of wwii, 1718 purple hearts

1st para outfit to recieve Presidential unit Citation

1st US military outfit to wear a beret

1st US infantry to be awarded a foreign unit badge during WWii

Longest airborne invasion of WWii.... UK / Africa

Developed first airborne pathfinders

Hold the wartime British/American low level parachute record

1st airborne combat riggers


Author:  FAAA [ Sat Feb 21, 2004 2:40 am ]
Post subject: 

Hi Paul

The "Red Beret" was first adopted by the 509th when they were the 503rd and the first US Parachute unit to arrive in the UK, (arrived 2 months before the 1st Infantry Division) They were presented the Beret by Major General "Boy" Browning after training with the British 1st Airborne Division where they taught the Brits how to jump from the new (to the British C47) The wearing of the beret was Semi Official, but there was very few people around to tell them not to. Only those who started off in the Battalion really wore the Red Beret, later replacments did not, the French traditional Beret was as my troopers have already explained, adopted as an "In Combat" headdress, however once the rounds started to fly in there direction the Helmet soon replaced this fashion statement!

The First Allied Airborne Association is we belive the only group in the UK to do this impression and we base it around the Champaign Campaign, Southern France August 1944. It is not a cheap additional Impression to do and the 10 to 12 guys who do like Riffraff and Gliderider are truely dedicated individuals.

You are right the impression does tend to look very post war, especially with the Camouflaged jump suits, which was spray painted green and Black just before loading on to the Aircraft, all troops complete with webbing and equipment lined up, put a box over there heads and the Engineers sprayed away.

If you get a chance log on the website www.faaa.co.uk and check out the 2003 GM Festival report and see some more pictures of the guys 509th Parachute Infantry Battalion Impression.

Kind Regards

Lee Bowden
First Allied Airborne Association

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