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Me 262 project
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Author:  Oggy [ Fri Nov 03, 2006 15:13 pm ]
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RGB wrote:
Oggy wrote:
The only thing that messed up the 262 was the engine - only about 10 hours between total rebuild on the Jumo 004s - Now, with the P&W J85 she can reach the full potential.
As a thought, with a re-engine, she should at least have a sub-designation ? (possibly C or D?)
(edit - after checking the website, a small b is added after the designation)

I remember reading somewhere that building the engines was a very skilled job, but was still done by slave labour. the camps were combed for high grade engineers and tecnicians, and they were put to work building the engines from the parts made all over Germany. The blokes knew what they were making and why, and the German supervisors made sure that no sabotage took place, but by assembling small parts just outside of the tolerances given and so impossible to detect without a stripdown, the life of the engines was reduced. The Germans were still puzzling this at the end of the war, and put it all down to new technology teething troubles.

Possibly, but IMO it could also be put down to the fact that the actual quality of the metal used was not as good as it should have been....

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