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Douglas Boston/Havoc bomber
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Author:  Rlangham [ Sun Apr 30, 2006 11:43 am ]
Post subject:  Douglas Boston/Havoc bomber

Afternoon all, good to see the forum back! I've posted this on a couple of forums looking for information, anything you know at all would be useful. If you don't know what a Boston/Havoc is, it's one of these http://www.raf.mod.uk/bombercommand/images/h1166.jpg an attack bomber used by both the RAF, USAAF and many other air forces in WW2.

The Hunt brothers have just recovered a Douglas Boston/Havoc from Russia, not sure of the exact variant, I think this one is an A20C so it would have the glazed nose like in the picture. Apart from a nose section and a few other bits with a private owner in the UK, there is no other Boston in the UK apart from the Hunt bro's.

They are due to move their museum into a hangar (at Redhill aerodrome I think) where they will have all of their aircraft on display, including the Boston. The Boston is 75% complete, missing the following bits. If anyone knows of any museums, private individuals etc, wherever they may be in the world (I think there's something like 5 Boston's in Australia alone), please let me know so I can pass it on to them

1. Cockpit section
2. Port outer wing (They have the inner wing between the engine mount and
3. Cowling panels
4. Engine & props x 1
5. Undercarriage doors
6. Rudder
7. Starboard Horizontal Stablizer
8. Radio Mast
9. Any Internal Cockpit Fittings
10. Martin Upper Turret
11. Elevators

They are also looking at the history of the machine, it's serial number is 41-19393 if anyone know's any more.

Cheers, Rob

Author:  beachmaster [ Mon May 01, 2006 9:09 am ]
Post subject: 

Hi Rob,

The 'other' Boston in the UK is a little more substantial than a nose and a few other bits. A new set of wings has just been sourced for it and it will now undertake a long term static rebuild, although I know that one of the engines turns over !!!

It's a big lump but a very rare one as you say and it looks like they need a fair amount of parts for it. I'll speak to the owner and see if he can help in any way but I do know he's after parts himself. For info, his is a veteran from Papua New Guinea that was shot down on a mission so it is a genuine combat veteran, he also has substantial parts from another that crashed in Wales on a training flight I beleive during the war.

Cheers Dave

Author:  Rlangham [ Mon May 01, 2006 10:30 am ]
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Is that the guy in Hinckley? Spoke to him before, the mid upper section was on ebay and I was told that the other bits would be offered to the winner of the mid upper section or they would go on ebay, and that he only wanted to restore the nose section, shame really. Did try to buy the mid upper section myself as it was only a couple of miles from my house but the bidding got too high unfortunately.

Cheers, Rob

Author:  Matt [ Sun May 28, 2006 7:30 am ]
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The parts from "the crash site in Wales" are actually from Boston Z2186 and dispite claims to the contry they were actually removed from the site without landowners permission. I did try to get them when the section from the New Guinea was listed on ebay so they could be returned to the site,but the seller was being unhelpful and would not wait while I arranged transport.

The parts from Z2186 were removed from the site by "The Boston Havoc Preservation Trust" who scrapped one outer wing section as soon as it was removed from the site and they later broke up the engines(so much for "preservation").

I am hoping the parts from Z2186 may still get back to where they belong(on the crash site) as it was surveyed and classed as a historic site by the National Trust prior to the parts being taken so there is a good chance they could take action to get the parts returned.


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