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Author:  LAH 650 [ Mon Jul 17, 2006 9:59 am ]
Post subject:  88kwk43


Tiger 11 round? well the date is '43, no Tiger 11 until late '44

Nashorn, Pac 43/1 not Kwk case is differnet...

JagdPanther, I think same a Nashorn...

Elephant, right dates and a 88kwk43....

So what tank for this round then...


Nat bad for a car-boot :D

Author:  Kozlov [ Mon Jul 17, 2006 10:11 am ]
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The Tiger 1 used a 88kwk36...

Have a look here:


BTW, excellent find... out of interest what sort of annoyingly low price did you blag that for?

Author:  Uber_Bob [ Mon Jul 24, 2006 3:55 am ]
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I wonder what the round hit?

Interesting thought- A yank sherman, british matilda or soviet t-34?

Thats the great thing about militaria - you can only imagine its history, where its been...

Author:  BarnacleBill [ Mon Jul 24, 2006 14:02 pm ]
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Sorry to be a wet blanket but most likely it only hit a target on the range or nothing but as you say, you never know, you never know...................

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