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Yugo K98's and charger clips
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Author:  Kozlov [ Wed Oct 06, 2004 7:59 am ]
Post subject:  Yugo K98's and charger clips

Seeing the other thread on K98's reminded me of something I was going to ask...

Why is it that the Yugo 7.62 K98's we hire from the armourers never want to load from a charger clip?

Is it the clips I (and everyone else) have been using or am I just doing something wrong?

Someone must know the answer to this...

I remember sitting behind a hedge at Kirby trying to break down all my nicely made 5 round clips back into loose ammo as the chuffin things wouldnt load! And again recently at Muckleburgh when myself and my Comrades were using inferior captured K98's (as our MN's had been lost in a tragic hay bailer accident the week before) - nobody could get em to work...

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