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PostPosted: Wed Jul 22, 2015 12:04 pm 
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This extract is taken from Harry Moses' 'The Faithful Sixth' with regard to the colour of the rank chevrons seen in the photographs. I believe in 151 Bde this was exclusive to the 6th DLI. ' The main event of 1950 was the long argument with the War Office over the uniform to be worn by Light Infantry units. Changes were announced in the Territorial Army in July, 1950. After completing their eighteen months, all National Servicemen would spend three years in the Territorial Army Supplementary Reserve. The War Office pressed for all Territorial Battalions to wear No. 1 Dress of the same colour as that worn by the Regular Battalion of their Regiment. The Battalion became very close to losing its black badge and buttons and rifle green uniform. The Honorary Colonel, The Rt. Hon the Lord Barnard, CMC, MC, TD, DL, supported by Lieutenant-Colonel Bill Watson took on the War Office. The following is part of a letter dated the 26th July, written to the War Office by Lord Barnard: 1. I understand that it has been agreed in principal that when No. 1 Dress is issued at some future date to T.A. Battalions, they are to wear No. 1 Dress authorised for the Regular Battalion of the Regiment. 2. It is perhaps not realised that this Battalion, and possibly other T.A. Battalions which were originally Rifle Volunteer Regiments, has never worn the uniform of the County Regiment. This Battalion has worn the uniform, except for minor details, of the King’s Rifle Corps, that is green with red facings... 3. A very direct association with the old Durham Rifle Volunteers, who were the true forbears of this Battalion, can be closely traced, and a link such as this which has been built up over so many years naturally holds a very high place in this district and is one that should never be broken. 4. This very unique distinction has always had a great influence on the esprit de corps within the Battalion, particularly as the NCOs wear distinctive chevrons, and one that is held with highest regard by all ranks. 5. It is a distinction which helps to foster and maintain the spirit of volunteer service which, in all truth, was the greatest asset of the Volunteers. 6. I believe that this privilege is shared with a few other Battalions in the Territorial Army. 7. The wearing of a distinctive uniform in no way lessens the loyalty of all members of the Battalion to the Regiment, for clearly the origin of the privilege is an added incentive... 8. In view of the tradition attached to the wearing of this green uniform, a decision that this Battalion is now to change its complete uniform to that of The Durham Light Infantry would override this tradition which I consider, for the reasons set out above, extremely important. I am not, therefore, prepared to accept any such decision... In December, the War Office gave way and permission was given to retain the traditional uniform.'. Hope this is OK to reproduce here. Best Regards, Tim.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 23, 2015 8:40 am 
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Does any know where / when / why these were worn ?


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PostPosted: Mon Aug 03, 2015 9:59 am 
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1950s would be the best guess, possibly a Territorial Bn

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